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Novo Safety is the online Emergency responce specialist for online Emergency responce courses. 100% online and acknowledged certification.

The best and highest rated emergency response course in the Netherlands that can be followed completely online!

The emergency response course is also available in Dutch.

Get emergency response certification online during Covid-19

Novo Safety wants to make businesses aware of the risks in the field of occupational safety. Acquiring the correct knowledge in the field of emergency response is of great importance to prevent unsafe situations.

We want to contribute to the creation of a safe business environment for employers and employees, accessible and affordable by offering high-quality online emergency response courses.

For every student, at any time!

Why choose for Novo-Safety

Anytime, Anywhere

Courses are completely online. Learn in your own time, on your own device, wherever you want.


Courses are concluded with recognized certification for 1 year through our partner


Learn with instructional videos and varied exercises so that student stay focussed.

Save costs

Save hundreds of euros on an annual basis. From € 35.95 (incl. VAT) per year.


Interactive refresher tests so that your knowledge stays up-to-date.

Insight into results

Progress reports show exactly where you stand in your learning journey.

Online emergency response training: how does it work?

Taking a course is very easy! As a student you get access to the Novo Play account.

  1. Select the desired course in the store
  2. Log in and register your account
  3. Complete registration by clicking the link in the confirmation email
  4. Your account will be created automatically and you can get started right away!

You always have access to the Novo Play app, so you can learn when it suits you. Novo Safety makes taking an emergency response course easy and accessible to everyone.

Got 1 minute? Watch how Novo-Safety workts!

Online BHV cursus demo

Emergency response is mandatory

Veiligheid en risico onderdelen arbowet

The Working Conditions Act obliges the employer to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for employees by taking measures that are appropriate to the size and nature of the company in an emergency response plan.

In doing so, the employer must be assisted by an authorized in-house emergency response officer (ERO) who can adequately perform his duties at all times. This means that the emergency response officer must keep his knowledge and skills up to date by means of an emergency response course.

Novo Safety offers the ideal and digital solution for the following matters:

  • Acquiring and maintaining the legally prescribed knowledge disciplines.
  • Additional information for drawing up an emergency response plan for your organization.
  • Certification of your company emergency responders.
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Get your recognized emergency response certification wherever and whenever you want.

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