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Our mission

Making emergency response training and certification accessible to employers and employees. Offer the choice to work on knowledge in the field of emergency response at any given time. In addition, offering the employer unprecedented control and insight into the emergency response facilities of their own organization by means of smart IT services.

Our story

Novo Safety originated from a shared vision to make a significant contribution to improving industrial safety for companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. To realize this vision, Novo Safety has entered into a partnership with a renowned partner in the emergency response industry. Within this collaboration we have been able to connect emergency responce knowledge and experience with the best of IT development within e-learning and education. This has resulted in an innovative service platform with which Novo Safety occupies a unique position in the market.

In 2019, Novo Safety entered the market as a pioneer within the industry, providing various online emergency response courses including recognized certification. With high-quality content, we provide ‘BHV Nederland’ with 24/7 accessibility to emergency responce certification.

Nowadays Novo Safety goes even further than online courses, for example through the Novo platform we offer a total solution for the implementation of emergency response within companies. Think of organizations where several (groups of) students have to comply with the formulated emergency response plan, degree of certification and working conditions law.

Novo Safety enables these employers to organize emergency response on a scale, including the option to provide customization. The power of data & analytics provides insight at any time into how things are at any time with the status of emergency response officers and company safety within the organization.

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Our Core Values


Management and monitoring groups of students


Such as our guide to creating an emergency response plan

Social mission

Direct insight into the results achieved by students through reporting.