Course CPR training course with an AED

OnlineCPR training course with an AED.

In the online CPR training course you will learn how to apply CPR with and without an AED. This course is carefully composed according to the standards of the Red Cross and the Heart Foundation.


CPR training starts with recognizing someone in distress, unable to respond and possibly in danger. It’s also important to be able to recognize phenomena such as ‘gasping’. Always use an AED, where one is available. It can save a life.


At the end of this course you know:

  • whether CPR is needed
  • what is ‘gasping’
  • how to perform CPR
  • How to use an AED


This module is also included in Novo Safety’s Emergency First Aid course.

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Course content

✓ Module: First aid step by step
✓ Module: Reanimatie with an AED
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