Course Emergency First Aid Course

OnlineEmergency First Aid Course.

In the online emergency first aid course you will learn different techniques to save lives.


The course covers various life-saving practices, such as CPR and moving the victim and much more. The subjects covered are the same as what can be expected from a course by the Red Cross.
After completing this course you know what to do in an emergency situation. Course content consists of:


  • Evaluating whether CPR is needed
  • Applying CPR
  • Using an AED
  • Stopping severe bleeding
  • How to move a victim
  • And more!


Once you have passed every chapter, you will be ready to take action!

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Course content

✓ Module: Introduction to Emergency First Aid
✓ Module: Reanimation using an AED
✓ Module: The Rautek grip
✓ Module: De Heimlich maneuver
✓ Module: Stopping severe bleeding
✓ Module: The recovery position
✓ Module: The log-roll
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