Course Emergency Response Training (ERT) Course

OnlineEmergency Response Training (ERT) Course.

Novo Safety’s online Emergency Response Training (ERT) course contains all essential information to help someone in an emergency situation.


It is a complete emergency response training course with which you fully comply with the requirements of the Working Conditions Act.


After completing this course you will know what to do in an emergency situation at work. You will learn the following:


  • what to do during an evacuation
  • how to get people to safety
  • how to put extinguish a small fire
  • first aid step by step plan of action
  • how to perform various life-saving actions, such as the Heimlich maneuver and the Rautek grip
  • evaluate whether CPR is needed and how to perform CPR
  • how to use an AED
  • and more!


This will be covered step by step. The course can be done on your own device, wherever and whenever you want.

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Course content

✓ CPR Training with an AED
✓ Emergency First Aid Training course
✓ Fire Safety Response Course
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