Course Fire Safety Training Course

OnlineFire Safety Training Course.

In the online Fire Safety Training course you will learn about fire safety and matters such as  how to safely help people evacuate. Step-by-step and with interactive digital course content.


It is a complete emergency fire safety course by which, upon completion, you fully comply with the requirements of the Working Conditions Act.


At the end of this course you will know how to:

  • distinguish different fire classes
  • control and use extinguishing agents effectively
  • evacuate people safely
  • open a door during a fire


The Fire Safety and Evacuation course covers the above mentioned topics carefully and thus ensures a thorough preparation. In this way, the student has the knowledge and skills to take immediate action in an emergency situation.

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Course content

✓ Module: What is fire?
✓ Module: Fire classes & extinguishing agents
✓ Module: Check & use extinguishing methods
✓ Module: Evacuation in emergency situations
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