Emergency response solutions for companies

At Novo Safety, we strive to make learning about occupational safety and obtaining certification as efficient and accessible as possible.

We do this by offering high-quality courses supported by smart digital technology. Employers and employees can now benefit from learning in a digital environment.

These smart solutions are designed in 3 products within the entire Novo Safety Platform: the Novo Play Application, the Novo Studio and the Novo Editor.

Emergency response simplified with the Novo Safety Platform

Novo Play

The Novo Play App makes learning flexible and accessible to everyone. Students always have access on all mobile devices and in any browser.

Novo Studio

Gaining more insight at management level into the progress of your Emergency Response students.

Novo Editor

Adjust your emergency response course to the specific needs of your organization.

Novo Play Application

Novo Safety has developed a user-friendly and safe application for all emergency response students. All students have access to their personal account in the Novo Play App in which they follow and complete the relevant courses.

Students can use the application on any device and platform. Using the Novo Play App offers the student several benefits on their way to certification.

The Novo Play App makes learning flexible and accessible to everyone. You always have access to the app, so you can learn whenever it suits you. Even offline!

Have you obtained your certificate? Then find it in your online account and always have it at hand!

The app works on all mobile devices and in any browser. The app can also be deleted and re-downloaded at any time; your results will not be lost!

You do not have to complete the entire course in 1 session. Learning activities can be paused and resumed at any time so that you can learn at your own pace and comfort.

Learning in the Novo Play App is fun because of the many diverse and interactive exercises. This means that your students remain focussed and challenged on the way to measurable results.

By way of the Novo Safety App you can review and repeat every course you follow for 12 months.

Novo Studio

The Novo Studio is a management application for employers who are looking for an integrated method to implement emergency response training on a scale within their organization. Ideal for following several students at the same time on their way to their certification goal.

The Novo Studio provides insight into many different statistics of students. This is how you keep track of the progress of the various students with the Novo Studio. That way you, as a coordinator, can always stay up to date about the degree of certification within your company.

The report gives you insight into:

  • who completed the course
  • who has obtained certification
  • how much time has been spent on the course
  • and more!

These results can be downloaded in seconds to obtain the desired insight.

The Novo Studio provides insight into matters such as the course progress of your employees. As a coordinator you are always aware of the certification level of your organization.

You can also create groups and/or departments of students and guide them on their way to their certification goal. This way you immediately see which emergency response skills are up to scratch within parts of the organization.

Emergency response coordinators receive free access to the Novo Studio when several students attend emergency response courses at the same time.

The Novo Studio is available on all web browsers and operating systems.

Novo Editor

For many organizations, occupational safety training requires customization. There are many specific safety standards that are relevant and neccessary in a tailor-made emergency response plan. A ‘standard’ safety course is not sufficient in these cases.

The Novo Editor offers these employers the unique opportunity to tailor courses to the needs of the company. With Novo Editor, the various safety courses can be expanded with your own company-specific course content.

A butcher shop often uses dangerous machines and equipment. Om In order to operate these devices safely, important safety instructions and guidelines will need to be taught to the employee.

In such cases, the Novo Editor provides the solution by:

  • the desired functionality to be able to add extra ‘customized’ content.
  • the ability to add additional ‘custom’ certification and subsequently grant it whenever students successfully complete the course.

The Novo Editor offers employers a unique opportunity to provide a personalized training experience for your employees. Also for applications outside of emergency response.

In this way, your employees are optimally prepared for potentially unsafe work situations. In addition, certification is also directly arranged.

Novo Editor Custom content example

Advantages of Novo Safety for companies


Management and monitoring groups of students

Interesting extras

Such as our guide to creating an emergency response plan

Insight into results

Direct insight into the results achieved by students through reporting.


Save hundreds of euros on an annual basis. From € 35.95 (incl. VAT) per year.


Courses are concluded with recognized certification for 1 year through our partner BHV.care.


Learn with instructional videos and varied exercises so that student stay focussed.

This is how our business customers experience the solutions of Novo Safety

Looking for the right solution for your company?

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